Financial Advisor Coaching

We coach financial advisors on how to build a thriving business with a great quality of life. The first step is to complete our free Business Assessment.


Complete Our Free Business Assessment

Determine what areas you want the most help with.


Use Our Exclusive P3D Coaching Framework

The nucleus of our coaching sessions.


Implement Our Disciplined Approach

Daily discipline is the secret sauce for business and personal excellence.

What is P3D?

(Philosophy + People + Plan) X Discipline = Superior Results

P3D is…

  1. A methodical coaching framework that ensures your specific coaching objectives are identified, tracked, and achieved.
  2. Codifies the business PHILOSOPHY and belief system that makes your firm unique.
  3. Ensures you have the right PEOPLE on the team so you can focus on what you do best and enjoy the most.
  4. Creates a specific business PLAN that forms the core of building your excellent business.
  5. Recognizes that DISCIPLINE in thought and action separates the good from the great.

How Coaching Works

Monthly Coaching

You’ll work directly with me (Steve Sanduski) and have two coaching calls per month for 90 minutes each. In the early stage, we’ll get extremely clear on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, determine the specific steps necessary to make it happen, and create the scorecard to measure results.

Prior to each call, I’ll publish an agenda to our private cloud-based project management site.

During each call, we’ll work on your specific objectives and drive toward accomplishing them.

After each call, I’ll post my detailed notes of the call, along with the action items, to the project management site.

Throughout our coaching relationship, you’ll have access to my network, my tools, and you’ll have reasonable email access to me in between calls as needed.

Ultimately, my role is to help you get your desired results much faster than you would without my help.

Coaching is month-to-month with no minimum contract so you’ll never feel locked in.

The price is $2,200 per month.

Next Step?

Take Our Business Assessment

To be considered for coaching, please complete our free Business Assessment. Once you complete this assessment, we’ll setup a complimentary call to discuss your situation, your assessment results, and coaching details. Based on this call, here’s what happens next.

  1. If there is a fit, we setup the first coaching call.
  2. If there’s not a fit, we part as friends.

Good To Know

Gain free access to Steve’s private weekly insights that contain his thoughts, tools, and curated list of business and growth-related resources.