Guest: Suzanne Peterson Ph.D., a Partner in CRA Admired Leadership, a boutique leadership development firm with a large client base in financial services. Suzanne also serves on the faculty at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management.

In a Nutshell: Great leadership is about what you do, not who you are. And in today’s multigenerational, decentralized companies, what great leaders do is use effective communication and relationship building to inspire peak performance, cultivating both the people who work for them and the companies they are driving forward.

On today’s show, Suzanne Peterson and I explore the behaviors that great leaders consistently demonstrate to earn the respect, trust, admiration, and buy-in of their teams.

.Suzanne Peterson and I discuss:

  • Skillsets that financial advisors need to develop as they gain leadership responsibilities in an organization or as leaders of their own firms.
  • The leaders who inspire Suzanne.
  • Are you a Coach K or a Bill Belichick? Is one leadership archetype superior to others?
  • Can leaders change their stripes without sacrificing authenticity?
  • How to give feedback “forward” rather than “backward.”
  • Best practices for making better decisions and communicating them to your team.
  • Separating personal values from organizational values.
  • Understanding influence, power, and charisma.
  • How to reframe your message so it lands with the people you’re leading.
  • The psychology of followership.
  • Why consistency is a major key to leading in a rapidly changing world.

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