Guest: Alex Miele, CFP®, a Managing Director and Partner with Hierax Wealth Partners. Alex’s fifteen years of service in the wealth management industry has focused on advocating for her clients throughout every permutation of their financial lives. Alex prides herself in finding solutions for her clients’ seemingly unsolvable problems, while providing a patient presence throughout each client’s unique journey.

In a Nutshell: Mitch Anthony and I started ROL Advisor because we believe the future of our industry lies in not only improving clients’ return on investment, but also in improving their Return on Life. To help folks get more from their money than just more money, advisors need to expand their ideas about what kinds of services we can offer and improve the “soft skills” that can form generational relationships.

On today’s show, I’m sharing a conversation about providing world-class, human-to-human service that I had with top advisor Alex Miele during an ROL Advisor Learning Hour session. Alex breaks down what “concierge” service is, how she charges for it, and how her team delivers value that too many advisors don’t.


.Alex Miele and I discuss:

  • How the Greek word for “hawk” inspired the founding and mission of Alex Miele’s firm.
  • Alex’s ideal clients and some of their typical pain points.
  • A case study that illustrates what Alex means by “concierge wealth management services.”
  • The importance of paying attention to details and making a good first impression during initial meetings.
  • How Alex and her team track the varied comprehensive services they are providing clients.
  • Balancing client demands with workload management.
  • Using technology for automation and personalization while also freeing your team for more face-to-face service.
  • Leveraging “exponential referrals” and centers of influence to broaden your prospect funnel.
  • The benefits of collaborating with CPAs and attorneys for both firms and their clients.

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