Chloé A. Moore, CFP®, Co-Founder and Board Member at BLX Internship.

Tracy Hutton, CPA, Senior Talent Manager at Mariner Wealth Advisors.

In a Nutshell: An injection of young, ambitious, diverse talent can give your firm a real shot of vitality and set your firm up for sustained success in the future. Many firms use internship programs to build an intentional talent pipeline that creates opportunities for young financial pros, as well as opportunities for our industry to improve how we mirror the diverse fabric of 21st century society.

On today’s show, I talk to Chloé Moore and Tracy Hutton about how BLX is finding and preparing aspiring Black and Latinx talent for internship roles and how Mariner Wealth Advisors structures its intern program to foster the next generation of advisors.

.Chloé Moore, Tracy Hutton, and I discuss:

  • How BLX creates its cohorts of interns and connects them to firms like Mariner that want to diversify their talent pools.
  • The potential benefits of internships for advisory firms.
  • Typical roles and responsibilities that interns may assume during their time at a firm.
  • BLX’s success rate for interns receiving full-time job offers.
  • Targeting career changers as a block of emerging talent for financial services.
  • Training interns and young advisors on soft skills, not just money management.
  • Using internships to test potential culture fit and other intangibles.
  • Chloé and Tracy’s advice for firms that are thinking about starting a new internship program, and for interns and young advisors looking to land a job.
  • Skillsets that Chloé and Tracy believe advisors and firms will need to prioritize in the future.

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