Guest: Connor Sung, CFP®, Director, Financial Planning at eMoney Advisor.

In a Nutshell: It’s been about seven months since I asked ChatGPT if I could retire without running out of money. Since then, the intersection of financial psychology and technology continues to advance rapidly — not just in how advisors use AI, but in how they’re improving their people skills and learning to meet clients and prospects where they are to deliver the advice that they need. These advancements on both the tech and human sides of financial advice are improving the client experience and coaching folks towards better financial outcomes.

On today’s show, Connor Sung discusses how platforms like eMoney are evolving to support more nuanced and individualized planning conversations and redefining what “success” means for clients.


.Connor Sung and I discuss:

  • Financial advisory’s “new normal,” including hybrid work, fintech integrations, and virtual client meetings.
  • Setting engagement expectations for clients.
  • The four financial psychology techniques that drive towards client goal alignment, trust, motivation, and action.
  • The AUM pricing model vs. offering clients a menu of relevant services.
  • Using eMoney and other fintech platforms to go beyond the money and have better conversations.
  • How the multistage “Palette of Life” model is replacing the old three-stage “Learn, Earn, Adjourn” model and the ramifications for financial planning.
  • Using fintech to help folks visualize how changes to their life goals can affect changes to their financial plans.
  • Connor’s data on what millennials are looking for from a financial advisor.
  • Connecting financial health and wellness.

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