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Between Now and Success

Steve Sanduski interviews top achievers and visionary voices at the intersection of business and life.


5 Navy SEAL Maxims To Help You Work “Smarter, Not Harder”

Former Navy Seal David Sears shares Navy SEAL maxims that can improve your thinking, performance, and productivity.

Understanding and Positioning Bitcoin for Financial Advisors with Justin Castelli

Justin Castelli on why advisors need to learn about Bitcoin and crypto even if they don't think it's right for their clients.

Financial Nihilism and Determining Value with Demetri Kofinas

Demetri Kofinas discusses what roles technology, monetary policy, the 2008 economic crisis, financial nihilism, and mimetic desire play in how we decide where to invest our money.

The 4 S’s That Are Driving A New Intangible Economy

Stian Westlake discusses why understanding the characteristics of intangible assets is key for both business leaders and investors.

Using Philosophical Frameworks to Answer “Big” Questions About Bitcoin with Bradley Rettler

Bradley Rettler discusses if Bitcoin can make people happier and why that question is key to appreciating its potential value.

Go On The Journey Beyond Fear with Silicon Valley Vet John Hagel

John Hagel on the psychology of fear and how to confront the emotions that are influencing our choices and actions.

Bitcoin and Crypto Solutions for Financial Advisors with Chris King from Eaglebrook Advisors

Chris King of Eaglebrook Advisors discusses a platform that greatly simplifies the process of getting your clients into crypto.

How to Change Anyone’s Mind Using Jonah Berger’s “REDUCE” Framework

Prof. Jonah Berger on removing barriers and overcoming resistance so that it's easier to take decisive, transformative action.

A Masterclass in Marketing with Stephanie Bogan and Patrick Brewer

Patrick Brewer and Stephanie Bogan on the mindset, strategies, and tactics that lead to masterful marketing success.

Combining Life Planning and Bitcoin with Advisor Jim Crider

A two-part conversation with Jim Crider, CFP® about guiding clients through money stress and allocating to Bitcoin.