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Future-Proof Your Advisory Practice

Rapid advances in technology, generational change, Covid, financial upheaval, and distrust in institutions are upending the course of life…and financial planning.

Ric Edelman and I discuss the impact of five critical areas on personal finance and how that affects your client work.

1. Exponential technologies
2. Bitcoin, blockchain, and digital assets
3. Longevity
4. Retirement security
5. Health and wellness

Hosted by Steve Sanduski, CFP® and featuring Ric Edelman from DACFP

February 1, 2022

Crypto SMAs – The Easy Onramp for Financial Advisors

Managing client assets is time-consuming – and particularly challenging when working with a new asset class you’re less familiar with, like Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Join us for a two hour advisor-focused event to learn how Crypto Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) can allow you to give your clients the exposure to digital assets you want while letting you spend your time with your clients and growing your practice.

Hosted by Steve Sanduski, CFP® of The Digital Money Advisor Podcast and Featuring:

  • Ric Edelman from DACFP
  • Dan Eyre from BITRIA
  • Kristen Mirabella from Gemini

Topics Include:

  • Managing crypto assets vs. traditional securities
  • Understanding crypto custody and compliance
  • The advantages of crypto SMAs compared with funds, trusts, and ETFs
  • Crypto investing strategies
  • How to choose a crypto SMA

December 15, 2021

How to Grow to $1 Billion in AUM and Beyond

The top-performing RIA firms with $1 billion or more in AUM keep crushing it because they do things differently. Now, for the first time, Charles Schwab has identified the 15 business metrics that its Top Performing Firms excel in.

In today’s panel discussion, we will discuss how you can use these business metrics and the insights found in Schwab’s 14th annual RIA Benchmarking Study to inform your growth strategy.

Steve Sanduski, CFP®
Catharine Aguilar, Chief Marketing Officer, CornerCap Wealth Advisors
Lisa Salvi, Vice President, Advisor Services, Charles Schwab

October 12, 2020

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Grow Fast in Any Environment

Peter Mallouk, President of Creative Planning, Inc., discusses ways advisors can grow their businesses and provide exceptional service to their clients and their communities in these difficult times.

Steve Sanduski, CFP®
Peter Mallouk, J.D., MBA, CFP®

June 23, 2020

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The 5 Best Ways to Market in a Covid-19 World

The marketing trends that were in place prior to the pandemic have accelerated because of the pandemic. In particular, delivering virtual events coupled with digital marketing has become a key path to reaching a large number of your ideal clients in a cost-effective way. But you need to move fast as it’s becoming quite crowded in the virtual space. You can still generate your unfair share of new clients as long as you are engaging, transparent, entertaining, and, of course, deliver real value.

Steve Sanduski, CFP®
Bill Keen, Keen Wealth Advisors
Lisa Salvi, Vice President, Business Consulting and Field Experience, Charles Schwab

May 28, 2020

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Key Strategies to Help Your Clients Be Resilient and Gain Personal Momentum Coming Out of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Without a proper way to cope with changes, restrictions, and volatility, it’s easy to fall into a negative trap that prevents us from coming out of this pandemic with positive momentum.

In this virtual panel, facilitated by Steve Sanduski, CFP®, and Mitch Anthony, co-founders of ROL Advisor, you’ll hear from noted clinical psychologist Beth Kurland, Ph.D., and 20-year Navy SEAL veteran Commander David Sears as they discuss specific strategies to adapt to this unprecedented environment. The speakers share their insights and experience in dealing with stressful situations and overcoming major challenges so you and your clients can exit this pandemic with strong momentum.

Steve Sanduski, CFP®
Mitch Anthony
Commander David Sears, USN (ret.)
Beth Kurland, Ph.D.

May 13, 2020

To watch the recording and read the show notes, click here.