Guest: Rian Hill, a sales rep for Left Bank Wine + Spirits in Wisconsin.

In a Nutshell: Taylor Swift is Time Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year, in no small part, because people are craving experiences right now. But the old quarterly chicken dinner with a not-so-soft sell on the side isn’t going to pack a party room with clients and prospects. Your 2024 event calendar should create intimate opportunities for people to connect, learn, have some fun, and grow a community around your services.

On today’s show, Rian Hill and I discuss how to plan a first-class wine tasting event, from varietals and food pairings to choosing a venue and background music. When done right, every detail of a wine tasting coalesces around a theme that keeps the evening flowing and underscores the total value package that your firm delivers.

.Rian Hill and I discuss:

  • How a wine tasting can bring people out of their comfort zones, both in what they drink and how they socialize.
  • Examples of  wine tasting themes that are fun and educational.
  • How “terroir” affects wine grapes and some of Rian’s favorite varietals.
  • Tips on finding the right person to host your event and help plan the logistics.
  • The differences between “service” and “hospitality.”
  • Arranging the little details of a wine tasting (food, music, venue, invitations) to appeal to your unique guest list.

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