Guest: Bill Cates, a Hall of Fame speaker, author, and referral coach. Bill’s latest book is The Language of Referrals: The Words & Scripts Financial Professionals Use to Gain More Ideal Clients.

In a Nutshell: When it comes to creating and sustaining organic growth, clicks and “likes” are important. But turning your existing clients into superfans who generate a steady stream of referrals creates strong, person-to-person connections that digital marketing never will.

On today’s show, “The Original Referral Coach” Bill Cates offers actionable specifics on how to set the stage for referrals, how to ask and position for referrals, how to follow up on referrals, and more importantly, how to create the mindset that attracts referrals on a consistent basis. If you’re serious about growing your client base, grab a pen and paper and block off an hour or two — you’re going to want to listen to this episode more than once.


.Bill Cates and I discuss:

  • The principles of generating referrals that Bill says have been consistent for decades.
  • Understanding the distinction between “referrals” and “introductions.”
  • How to execute an “email handshake.”
  • The most common reasons people decide to start looking for an advisor.
  • “Training” your existing clients to refer friends and family to you.
  • Mastering Bill’s referral formula: “Value delivered, value recognized.”
  • The power of “Tell me more” in conversation.
  • Handling referrals who don’t fit your ideal client niche.
  • The three types of client events and best practices for each.
  • Why Bill believes posting content on LinkedIn “generally does not create new clients” and how he advises users to leverage the platform more effectively.
  • Using your “My Why Story” to connect with new clients and make yourself more referable.

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