Guest: Terry Foxworth CFP®, CLU, and his daughter, Morgan. Terry is the Managing Partner at Foxworth Advisors in Asheville, NC. Morgan is a student-athlete at Oregon State University where she is a member of the women’s rowing team.Terry Foxworth
In a Nutshell: To quote Terry’s firm, “Life’s an adventure. Plan for it.” The TransAmerica biking adventure that Terry and Morgan planned (more or less) for Morgan’s last summer before college brought them closer together and taught them just how much they’re capable of achieving.


.Terry, Morgan, and I discuss:

Terry Foxworth

  • Balancing planning with spur-of-the-moment flexibility on a long trip.
  • The logistics of a TransAmerica trip, including equipment, lodging, and the advantages of travelling light.
  • How Terry and Morgan dealt with several setbacks, including flat tires, a fire, a bloody nose, wipe outs, and a bear.
  • Coping with the physical and mental strain of cross-country biking.
  • The network of fellow travelers that Terry and Morgan plugged into for support and advice.
  • What Terry and Morgan learned about themselves, each other, and America.
  • How Terry’s lifelong love of outdoor adventure informs the culture and client experience at Foxworth Advisors.

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