Guest: Scott Holsopple, the Chief Growth Officer at Hightower, one of the top RIA firms in the country with well over $100 billion in assets under management.
In a Nutshell: How do you think about your personal and professional growth?


.Scott Holsopple and I discuss:

  • How Scott applies lessons learned as a javelin thrower at Penn State to his professional mastery.
  • What the latest revenue data tells us about organic growth trends in financial services.
  • Building a business vs. building a lifestyle.
  • Using consultative sales to create a pipeline for referrals and new business.
  • Why all advisors need to contribute to a firm’s growth mentality, even if they’re more comfortable serving than selling.
  • How Hightower helps its firms maintain “functional autonomy” to keep building their brand and catering to their specific client base.
  • Navigating the tension between customized client experiences and consistent excellence in service.
  • Scott’s view of the current M&A landscape.
  • Is AI a threat or an opportunity for advisors?

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