Guests: Bill Keen, Founder and CEO, and Matt Wilson, President and Chief Investment Officer, of Keen Wealth Advisors discuss the discovery meeting process.

In a Nutshell: The discovery meeting process is much deeper than just a conversation to exchange information.


.Bill Keen, Matt Wilson, and I discuss:

  • How to develop your belief system, values, and identify your potential biases that will be helpful to know as you conduct your discovery meetings.
  • How to learn your potential new client’s values and biases.
  • How to set expectations for potential new clients.
  • What data is helpful for potential new clients to complete before your first meeting.
  • Why phone calls are usually better than video calls for your discovery meetings.
  • How to conduct an effective discovery meeting through “whole body listening” so you can deeply connect with your potential new clients.
  • The marketing machine they’ve built over the past 20+ years.
  • The sequence and flow from the initial prospect meeting to becoming a happily engaged new client.
  • The checklist systems mentality the Keen Wealth Advisors team brings to their discovery meetings so nothing is missed.

A discovery process that is simply a recitation of the facts is not a discovery process.

Discovery, by definition, is about gaining sight of or knowing something that was previously unseen or unknown. So, when I say, “bring forth,” what I’m talking about is making a distinction between “the facts” of your client’s situation and “the connections between those facts” that generates a new realization.

For example, one of my advisor clients told me about a discovery conversation he had with a new client. Over the course of the conversation, they were able to bring forth some new connections and shortly after, the client sent him an email that said, “Leading up to this meeting, we thought it was money that was causing all the problems but…we realized there is more than money we need to work on and that we may be doing things counteractive to our goals as a family…”

These conversations that “bring forth” new insights and realizations don’t happen often, but when they do, they’re magical.

Resources Featured In This Discovery Meeting Process Presentation: