In a Nutshell: Humans are like the flow of a river. We follow the structures that define our path of least resistance and that’s how we perform. And businesses, which are simply a collection of the people who populate it, follow their own path of least resistance as defined by the structures that developed over time.  In today’s show, we discuss the principles of the path of least resistance and how to leverage them to grow your business and change behavior.

Guest: Robert Fritz is an award-winning composer, filmmaker, and author who applies the concepts of structural dynamics to business building and to the creative process.


My Key Takeaways:

On my podcast with Robert Fritz, he shared three fundamental principles of the path of least resistance.

  1. Energy moves along the path of least resistance. Energy moves where it is easiest to go. In business, people will follow the structures that make it easiest to do their job.
  2. The underlying structure of anything will determine its path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is not random. It is defined by a structure just like a river flows according to its riverbed.
  3. We can determine the path of least resistance by creating new structures. If you want to change your personal outcome or change the results in your business, change the underlying structure that you’re following.

When you work with these principles instead of against them, your business will flow in the right direction.

Also Learn:

  1. How using the structural tension model is a great way to clarify and get things done.
  2. The difference between an oscillating and an advancing organization and why each happens.
  3. Why you could get rid of all your problems but still not have what you want.

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Resources Featured In This Episode

The Path of Least Resistance for Managers by Robert Fritz. Teaches readers to take structural laws into account when they restructure their own organizations so the changes they attempt to make do succeed, and they can achieve their highest goals.

Your Life as Art by Robert Fritz. Learn how to create your life just as the artist creates a painting, a composer writes a symphony, or the poet writes a poem.

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