In a Nutshell: Ready to take your marketing up a notch? Working with a PR firm can really accelerate both your media presence and your potential for growth. But PR isn’t something an advisor can just outsource and forget about; you have to be prepared to invest both your time and your money to get the most out of this relationship.

Guest: Jason Lahita and Jimmy Moock of StreetCred Communications, a public relations company specializing in the financial services sector.

Watch the Conversation Below:

My Key Takeaways:

  1. Credibility is key. A good PR strategy doesn’t just get your name out there, it positions you and your firm as an authority worth paying attention to.
  2. You get what you give. Whether you’re leading your own PR blitz or working with a firm, PR requires real commitment and the careful synchronization of your messaging across media.
  3. Are you ready? The answer might be, “Not yet.” Even top PR experts like Jason and Jimmy aren’t magicians. Before taking the next step, be sure you have a good story to tell and that you are clear on what you are trying to accomplish by taking a higher media profile.

Also Learn:

  1. How a PR relationship works, what a fee structure might look like, and how to think about your potential ROI.
  2. Critical dos and don’ts when you’re talking to the press and posting to social media.
  3. How to “squeeze the most juice” out of the fruits of your labor, such as a big revenue milestone or promoting a new key hire.

Complementary Episode: Brad Johnson, the Vice President of Advisor Development for Advisors Excel, talked to me about how to develop a consistent marketing program that generates a consistent stream of new clients.

Resources Featured In This Episode

StreetCred PR on Twitter: @StreetCred_PR

Jason Lahita

Jimmy Moock

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