Guest: Danielle Howard, a Certified Financial Planner and the Founder of Wealth By Design, a boutique wealth services firm that works with individuals and families that value a holistic financial approach to the fall season of life. Danielle is also the author of Your Financial Revolution: Time To Recognize, Revitalize & Release Your Financial Power.

In a Nutshell: Living a rich, full life goes well beyond how much money someone has. On this episode, Danielle Howard and I discuss how advisors who put their clients’ lives ahead of their money can help them break free of the limiting beliefs, delusions, and scripts around money that can prevent them from enjoying the journey, especially in retirement.


.Danielle Howard and I discuss:

  • Why Danielle is more focused on “walking alongside clients to create healthy financial identities” than achieving goals.
  • How Danielle built on the work of past podcast guest Dr. Brad Klontz to create her Financial Fingerprints program, which helps her clients gain a greater awareness of the “money scripts” affecting their emotions about money.
  • Why our clients don’t always follow through on the advice that we give them.
  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation as part of behavior change.
  • The tension between your present reality and your desired future that advisors have to resolve as they plan for the next stage of their firm’s growth.
  • Expanding the definition of what it means to work in financial services, especially for young advisors who prioritize work-life balance.
  • An exercise Danielle used to help a client unlock his true feelings about money, share his story, and move forward.

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