Like Miracle Mile Advisors, the path from where your firm is today to where you want it to be tomorrow is not a straight line up and to the right.

You’ll face fork-in-the-road moments that will define you and your firm. Antonia Burchman shares how Miracle Mile Advisors responded to their pivot points and paints a path forward for advisory firm leaders who want to grow and deliver a great client experience.

Guest: Antonia Burchman, Senior Director of Corporate Development for Miracle Mile Advisors. Antonia was one of Miracle Mile’s first team members and has been with the firm as it has grown from less than $100 million in AUM to approximately $4.5 billion.


Antonia and I discuss:

  • How Antonia and Miracle Mile used a strong brand identity to put themselves on the map in the early days of the firm.
  • Why Antonia’s firm committed to a top-notch tech stack “before we could afford it.”
  • How business coaching influenced Antonia and key executives on her team.
  • Why Antonia says that consistently investing in young talent was “the single most important decision we’ve ever made.”
  • Applying the “Rule of 3 and 10” to your firm’s growth trajectory.
  • The pros and cons of an AUM model vs. a service fee model in a shifting economic environment.
  • The importance of presenting a clear career path to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.
  • How Miracle Mile structures its advisory teams to support each other and offer great service to clients.
  • The four main drivers of Miracle Mile’s organic growth and how they’re integrated into the firm’s culture.
  • How Antonia analyzes potential acquisition targets and what her “elevator pitch” to firms sounds like.


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