Based on downloads within the first 14 days of publication, here are my 11 most popular podcasts of 2020.

(Side note: if you’re an overachiever, here are my most popular podcast episodes of 2019.)

1. Creating a Remarkable Client Experience Through Personalization, Co-Creation, and Journey Mapping

Julie Littlechild is a leading expert on the drivers of client engagement. We discussed how advisors can create an engaging client experience that becomes a magnet for new ideal clients. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

2. Grow Faster by Solving the Needs of a Niche in a Unique Way

Steve Wershing, the President of The Client Driven Practice, talked to me about creative ways advisors can stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace and attract a niche of clients they can offer the most value to. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

3. Leveraging AI to Automate 30 – 40% of Your Mundane Tasks

matt reiner

The most successful advisors have moved past worrying about “competing” with technology. I talked to Benjamin CEO Matt Reiner, CFP® CFA®, about how we can automate some mundane tasks and focus on the human conversations that create real lasting value — and more business. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

4. Building a Billion-Dollar Advisory Firm One Relationship at a Time

As we talked at the Barron’s Teams Summit in Las Vegas, Laila Pence, the President of Pence Wealth Management, explained how overcoming some incredible personal hardships informed how she built her billion-dollar advisory firm with an intense focus on creating relationships. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

5. My Top 10 Podcasts of 2019

In 2019, finance and nuts and bolts planning were often a very small part of a much richer conversation. And I think that mirrored the shift in the kinds of conversations that successful advisors are having with their clients as well. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

6. 3 Insights and 1 Warning from Peter Mallouk on Driving Growth Under Any Circumstances

Creative Planning President and CEO Peter Mallouk joined me for a virtual event where we talked about how advisors at any level can develop the kind of five-star experience that underscores your value to existing clients, drives referrals, and protects your business from fee compression. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

7. 3 Customer Experience Triggers That Drive Growth, Loyalty, and Referrals

Joseph Michelli, one of the world’s leading authorities on customer experience, shared his insights on what separates Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, Zappos, and the best financial advisory firms from the rest of the pack. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

8. Joe Duran on raising billions in AUM, spotting trends, and the future of advice. (Rebroadcast from recording in March 2015)

joe duran

Before he sold United Capital to Goldman Sachs and became Head of Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management, I talked to Joe Duran about how he built his billion-dollar firms and the future of financial advice. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

9. Enhancing Your Discovery Process by Becoming a Better Biographer

Matt Halloran was kind enough to let me republish his conversation with my ROL Advisor business partner Mitch Anthony. On this episode of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, Matt and Mitch did a deep dive on how advisors can use the discovery process to reveal the client’s story. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

10. Finding and Growing a Purpose-Fueled Niche

samuel deane

Samuel Deane started with a pretty narrow niche: comprehensive planning for millennials working in tech. Then he zeroed in on a niche within his niche where Deane Financial Partners could establish a real competitive advantage and make a positive impact on communities across the country. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

11. The Mindset Behind Moving from Public Assistance to $2 Billion in AUM

erin scannell

After 9 months of job interviews, 27 “No’s” from top firms, and 33,000 cold calls, Erin Scannell landed his first client and opened his own independent office back in 1999. Today, Erin is the founder and CEO of Heritage Wealth Advisors, managing about $2 billion in assets under management. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A special thanks to all of my guests in 2020 and to all of you who subscribe and listen. If you’re looking for more great conversations, be sure to check out my new podcast with Barron’s Advisor, The Way Forward.


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