On this special bonus podcast episode, I’m doing something I’ve never done before: republishing someone else’s podcast. I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, hosted by Matt Halloran and featuring guest Mitch Anthony.

This was a really fun listen for me because I go back a long way with both of these guys. Matt was one of the best coaches we had when I was running Peak Advisor Alliance. And Mitch is my business partner in ROL Advisor, our online platform that’s helping advisors refocus the planning conversation on people’s lives, not just their money. And that idea is at the heart of Mitch’s conversation with Matt. They do a real deep dive into how advisors can use the discovery process to reveal the client’s story and understand how significant life experiences have shaped the client’s relationship to money.

In addition to discussing how ROL Advisor builds out that initial storytelling into an engaging client experience, Mitch and Matt also talk about:

  • How to guide clients towards an empowering decision-making mindset that makes them feel more in control of their planning.
  • What kinds of questions you can ask to help clients connect their means to a sense of meaning.
  • Why dialogue is more powerful than monologue.
  • What the true purpose of money is.
  • How to get more comfortable and more adept at helping clients manage the emotional side of financial life transitions.
  • How to pull all of the above together to create a value proposition that’s truly valuable to clients and prospects.

A big thanks to Matt Halloran and the team at Top Advisor Marketing for letting me share this insightful conversation.