My Top 10 Podcasts of 2019

When I look back on my most popular podcast episodes of 2019, what strikes me is that finance and nuts and bolts planning are often a very small part of a much richer conversation. And I think that mirrors the shift in the kinds of conversations that successful advisors are having with their clients as well.

We’re spending less time talking to clients about asset management and more time in the discovery process. This deeper discovery process leads to rich conversations about what’s the money for, what can get in the way of achieving money goals, and how the client can make smarter money decisions that lead to a happier life right now, not some distant retirement day.

An ongoing discovery process, coupled with a lean toward “coaching” is where I think advisors have the greatest opportunity to create value in the next decade and I’m grateful to my guests and listeners who help me keep contributing to this important conversation on Between Now and Success.

1. The “Secret Sauce” That Led United Capital From $0 To $24 Billion In AUM with Matt Brinker

matt brinker

Matt Brinker joined United Capital when it had about $300 million in AUM and rode it all the way to $24 billion in AUM. We discussed how being early on a trend, M&A, technology, financial life planning, and a charismatic leader all came together to create one of the industry’s biggest and most innovative RIA firms. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



2. 20-Year Navy SEAL Veteran Shares 3 SEAL Maxims That Drive Elite Performance With David Sears

david sears

One of my favorite things about hosting this podcast is talking to high achievers who work outside of finance and learning how their performance strategies can work in my own life and business. Commander David Sears of the United States Navy talked about three maxims that guide how Navy SEALs operate. Each maxim is so nuanced that once you dig into the surface-level truth, you’ll find deeper levels of insight that can apply to any kind of business – including, of course, financial advisory. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



3. What Is The Optimal Size To Grow Your Business So It Maximizes Your Profitability And Life Enjoyment With Carolyn McClanahan, M.D., CFP®

carolyn mcclanahan

What if you decided you’d be happy at the current size of your business and just add new clients when an existing client leaves or passes away? If you decide it’s all about growth, what are you willing to sacrifice to scale? Carolyn McClanahan decided her practice was “big enough” with 100 families and she has now closed her firm to new clients. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



4. How To Combine FinTech And Your Humanness To Build A Thriving Advisory Business With Lex Sokolin

lex sokolin

Lex Sokolin is a futurist, entrepreneur, and the Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys, a blockchain technology company building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. We discuss the sweeping changes in the fintech landscape and what new skills advisors will need to thrive in an industry that’s getting more digital and more automated every day. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



5. Building A Wildly Successful Marketing Machine With Brad Johnson

brad johnson

Is your firm serving plain hamburgers or Big Macs? Brad Johnson is the Vice President of Advisor Development for Advisors Excel and the host of a great podcast for financial advisors called The Elite Advisor Blueprint. I really love the distinction Brad draws between generic services any advisor can offer and proprietary processes that clients will value. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



6. How To Write Compelling Copy That Engages Your Audience’s Hearts And Minds With Adam Bensman

Adam Bensman

No matter what kind of advertising you’re focused on, you have to master the psychology of engagement to turn your prospects into clients and keep your business growing. Adam Bensman is one of the top direct response copywriters and consultants in the country, and he has a particular expertise in helping financial advisors improve their marketing. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



7. Servicing The Financial And Psychological Needs Of Ultra-High Net Worth Investors Through A Multi-Family Office With David Dunn

david dunn

David Dunn describes Kingsbridge Wealth Management as a family office featuring a “full stack financial infrastructure” that provides high-net-worth families and individuals with everything they need to manage their wealth. That means a thorough understanding of how each client thinks about their money and incorporating some outside-the-box thinking on asset allocation. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



8. Three Keys To Crafting Seminars That Connect With Audiences And Turn Prospects Into Clients With Matt Gulbransen

matt gulbransen

Matt Gulbransen, the President of Pine Grove Financial Group, has grown a thriving practice in the St. Paul, Minnesota area thanks to his diligent seminar process. Matt discusses what works for him, a few things that don’t, and maybe most importantly, the emphasis that he and his team place on rehearsing your presentations until not even a power outage is going to throw you off your game. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



9. How To Design A “Day 1” Advisory Firm That Endures For Decades With Dennis Morton And Katie Brown

morton brown

Dennis Morton and Katie Brown worked together for 10 years before they decided to start their own firm. The lessons they learned together helped them prepare Morton Brown for success and grow from $0 to over $100 million in AUM in just 12 months. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



10. The Marketing Strategies That Delivered $6 Billion In Organic AUM Growth In 3 Years With David Bach

david bach

I think one of the most positive trends in our business during the last decade is that advisors have become much more open about sharing their “trade secrets” and helping each other succeed. David Bach, as co-founder of AE Wealth Management, has created a massive turnkey platform that connects advisors with coaches, content producers, marketing experts, and other like-minded advisors. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Thanks so much to all of my guests in 2019, and to all of you who subscribe and listen. Here’s to another great year of Between Now and Success in 2020!


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