Guest: Leslie Y. Tabor, Director of Business Consulting and Education at Charles Schwab Advisor Services.

In a Nutshell: Most successful RIA leaders have been very intentional about hiring top talent in this competitive jobs market. But the best of the best are now being just as intentional about diversifying their talent to create a more dynamic culture capable of delivering more value to clients.

Leslie Tabor explains how Charles Schwab is helping RIAs build diverse cultures based on four pillars:

  1. Cultivating an inclusive workplace culture.
  2. Attracting, developing. and retaining a diverse workforce.
  3. Serving the needs of a diverse marketplace.
  4. Supporting diverse communities.


.Leslie Tabor and I discuss:

  • The state of diversity in financial services today, including the latest data from Schwab.
  • How Schwab’s commitment to a diverse culture helped Leslie grow and thrive throughout her 23-year career with the firm.
  • How Schwab distilled its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) culture strategy into a five-part workshop.
  • Leadership behaviors that employees at every level of an organization can demonstrate to strengthen a diverse culture.
  • Lowering the waterline on your Cultural Iceberg.
  • Using story and conversation to help employees and clients feel free to be themselves.
  • The vision statement that multibillion-dollar RIA Mission Wealth developed using Schwab’s system.
  • Why RIAs need to create and sustain a comprehensive “talent life cycle” and an attractive employee value proposition.
  • Sample conversations that Leslie has with new employees to enhance their onboarding experience.
  • Balancing employee “housekeeping” duties with opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Being a company that is “people first, employees second.”
  • The importance of extending opportunities for inclusivity to clients.
  • Broadening the idea of the ideal client persona.
  • Putting your firm’s values and a commitment to diversity in action in your wider community.

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