In a Nutshell: The diversity movement is a necessary first step towards making companies more inclusive, equitable, and dynamic. To maintain that positive momentum, business leaders have to move beyond diversity and create workspaces that demonstrate their values and their commitment to tangible actions we could all take to build a more inclusive world.

Guest: Rohit Bhargava, Founder & Chief Trend Curator of the Non-Obvious Company and Co-Founder of Ideapress Publishing. Rohit is also the author of seven best-selling business books.

My Key Takeaways:

  1. “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” Rohit believes we can take this quote from Netflix’s Vernā Myers to the next level by sending everyone home with a mixtape full of music they never would have heard before. That free exchange of ideas and experiences could transform your company.
  2. Take action. Instead of just talking about diversity and inclusivity, leaders need to ask themselves how they can set a positive example.
  3. Don’t be “obvious.” Anyone can spot trends when they’re dominating headlines.  It takes real leadership to acknowledge the limitations of your own perspective and open your mind to even bigger and bolder ideas.

Also Learn:

  1. Why we need to appreciate the intersectionality of every person rather than putting them in boxes.
  2. The questions that great leaders ask their employees that can lead to significant workplace improvements.
  3. How diversity and inclusivity are good for society AND good for business.

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Rohit Bhargava