In a Nutshell: According to Antonia Hock, the traditional corporate leadership style is dead and the pandemic just accelerated a series of trends that have empowered workers to find more meaning in their jobs and more balance in their lives. If you’re not helping your top people achieve those goals, they won’t be motivated to help your company achieve much of anything.

Guest: Antonia Hock, a world-renowned expert in customer and employee experience, leadership, and building experience-based brands. Antonia spent six years as the Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. For the two decades prior to The Ritz-Carlton, Antonia held executive positions for tech giants including Microsoft, HP, and Siemens.

My Key Takeaways:

  1. Teach employees how to execute and grow by providing support and mentorship.
  2. Inspire your company with a purpose that’s greater than profit.
  3. Define a culture that will guide how your people do their work and how you make key leadership decisions.

Also Learn:

  1. How to grow from entrepreneur to CEO and leader.
  2. The leadership traits that Antonia believes are essential to managing a contemporary workforce.
  3. Effective outsourcing strategies that will keep third-party work consistent with your brand identity.
  4. How CEOs can connect purpose to discipline and legacy, and help employees to do the same.
  5. How to make broad leadership principles your own in an authentic way that helps you connect to employees and customers.
  6. The importance of hiring people who want to join a culture, not just a company.
  7. Using self-awareness and coaching to stay connected to your true passions as a businessperson and as a leader.
  8. How to embrace failure without sacrificing accountability.

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Resources Featured In This Episode

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