Should you allocate to alternative investments?

For decades, advisors to the wealthiest strata of investors offered access to investments beyond the traditional stocks, bonds, and real estate. And for decades, there were significant barriers to entry in the alternative space that made it difficult for independent advisors to access the best money managers in the alt space. That’s now changed.

Firms like CAIS have democratized access to some of the best money managers available and streamlined what has historically been a time-consuming process to “complete the paperwork” when using alternative managers.

In today’s episode, we explore the alt space and how independent financial advisors can access an asset class that was previously reserved for the big banks and wirehouses and their well-heeled clients.

Guest: Matt Brown, Founder of CAIS, the leading alternative investment platform for financial advisors who seek improved access to and education about alternative investment funds and products.

Matt and I discuss:

  • Why advisors should consider adding alternative investments to their allocations.
  • The biggest reasons why advisors have been reluctant to allocate to alternatives.
  • What are the most popular alternative investment asset classes.
  • What’s the profile of a typical client who is going to be receptive to an allocation to alternative investments.
  • Whether advisors use a buy and hold strategy with their alternative assets or do they actively switch managers over time.
  • What role CAIS plays in facilitating advisors making an allocation to alternative investments.
  • What role education plays in expanding access to alternative investments.
  • The best investment Matt ever made.


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