Guest: Amit Dogra, President and COO of tru Independence. tru offers an open architecture platform that provides a full suite of services that advisors need to manage and grow their business effectively.

In a Nutshell: In 2022, I crunched the numbers from Charles Schwab’s 2022 RIA Benchmarking Study and spotted an alarming trend: net organic revenue growth is almost non-existent in our industry. Solving that problem isn’t just a matter of running a better marketing campaign or asking clients for more referrals. It requires an understanding that every facet of your organization is interconnected and must be thoughtfully designed to support and reinforce your ultimate aim.


.Amit Dogra and I discuss:

  • Six specific areas that leaders need to focus on to build a highly functional, growth-minded firm.
  • The relationship between total client experience and organic growth.
  • Using your Why Story to enhance your culture and deepen your connection to employees and clients.
  • The question tru Independence is asking itself as it redefines its purpose.
  • How leaders and entrepreneurs should think about their responsibilities when it comes to driving growth.
  • Why it’s worth investing in relationships even if there isn’t a direct “dollars and cents” ROI.
  • Why Amit believes advisor technology is heading toward what he calls “experience as a service” that’s part of a “single source code” instead of best of breed or integrated but separate applications.
  • Building excellent service around your team’s unique skillsets.
  • How Amit fosters a curious spirit that helps him see the big picture and connect some surprising dots.
  • The mentors who have helped shape his thinking.

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