JOHN MICHEL, CEO OF CIRCLEBLACK, SHARES HIS BEST STRATEGIES, TIPS, AND TOOLS on how to think about and incorporate innovation into your business. The world is moving rapidly and those who understand how to harness technology and use it to improve their operations and their client experience will reap tremendous rewards.

Innovative John Michel

John Michel: A key opportunity for advisors, “How do they communicate with their clients and how do they do that in a more unique manner.”

John Michel

  • Graduate of the United States Military Academy at Westpoint.
  • 13-year career at Merrill Lynch.
  • Leader of Bullrun Financial Inc.
  • Handpicked by Bloomberg to run its consumer wealth effort and build BloombergBlack.
  • CEO of CircleBlack.

Quick Advice

  • Innovation is about finding a problem, the pain point, then finding a non-obvious solution to solving it.
  • Clients are looking for a user-friendly mobile experience that enables them to quickly check in on the health of their finances–even while they’re standing in line at Starbucks.
  • Clients and advisors both love account aggregation. However, clients don’t necessarily want to share all their financial information via aggregation and John discusses how CircleBlack has created an innovative way to solve this problem.
  • Take information, attach meaning to it, personalize it for your clients, and then deliver that outside of traditional face-to-face meetings, there’s great value in that.
  • Clients say, “In between meetings, I don’t hear from my advisor enough about things I feel I am paying him to do.”
  • One simple thing you can do to be more innovative–study innovative leaders in other industries and find ways to apply their strategies to your business. John shares two more in the podcast.


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