In a Nutshell: In this era of “fake news” and deep divisions between people, understanding the context behind dominant narratives can help build bridges, stimulate new ideas, and push us all forward.

Guests: Nathaniel Whittemore, a strategy and communications consultant for leading crypto companies as well as the host of The Breakdown, which is my favorite podcast in the crypto world. Nathaniel was also a principle at the venture capital firm Learn Capital and he was on the founding team of


My Key Takeaway: As you try to anticipate some of the narratives that could shape your story in 2021:

  1. Think macro. Big ideas like Bitcoin and MMT could have more of an impact on global economics than they do on how we buy and sell things day to day.
  2. Explore in good faith. There are thoughtful folks on both sides of every issue who are worth listening to and learning from.
  3. Share your diagnoses. When we talk about problems we agree on, we’re more likely to arrive at meaningful and inclusive solutions.

Also Learn:

  1. Why, as a financial tool, Bitcoin might not be an “either or” but more of an “and.”
  2. What the broader applications for crypto could mean for developing countries and creative companies.
  3. How narratives can create self-fulfilling prophesies that alter our beliefs.
  4. Which narratives Nathaniel Whittemore is trying to break right now to expand the range of political and economic possibilities he shares with his audience.

Complementary Episode: In a wide-ranging conversation, I talked to Michael Casey, the chief content officer at CoinDesk, about the 5,000-year history of money, MMT, crypto, and gold. Watch/read here.

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