There’s no one predefined path that will lead us through the challenges and heartbreaks that we all face in life. Often times the best that we can do is learn to accept and explore our emotions while remaining open to the opportunities in front of us. That willingness to explore and grow can help us heal, and help us redefine who we are going forward.

Jess Bost: Something inside of me was like, girl, you gotta fight. Like you have to fight. You have to make it through this. Whatever this dark void is, we’ve gotta figure out a way through. And the way through that was to start learning my own strength.

In today’s adventure episode, I talk to Jess Bost, VP – Brand Partnerships at Alpha Architect, a research-intensive asset management firm. Jess is also the host of The Breakthrough Factor podcast, a CrossFit coach, and an Olympic weightlifter.

Jess was in a “dark night of the soul” place due to personal trauma and she shares with me, in raw, real terms, her journey of personal and professional self-discovery that brought her to a place of strength where she now coaches others who want to make major life changes and plan for a successful future.

As I said to her during the show, what she shares is “a gift” to those who listen. Don’t miss it.

Jess and I discuss:

  • Jess Bost: I go to CrossFit and instead of running away from my problems, I felt like I was building strength to attack my problems. And instead of trying to use food or alcohol or whatever to feel good, I could go there and after a workout, there’s nothing that felt better than the way that I felt after a workout and the improvements that I was making.

    How her background in psychology influences her work as a financial professional.

  • The conflicting roles and cultural expectations that Jess felt herself pulled between and how she forged her own identity.
  • Our need to ascribe purpose to the events in our lives and how that can lead us to a place of gratitude.
  • The new sense of self that Jess discovered through CrossFit.
  • How Jess learned to use exercise to channel positive, grateful energy rather than aggressive, negative energy.
  • What mastery means at various stages of our lives and skill levels.
  • Why we should try to approach challenges as things we want to do rather than things we have to do.


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