In a Nutshell: By appreciating the connections between capital, communities, the environment, and equality, a new generation of  social justice investors and advisors want to broaden the definition of wealth. Instead of a traditional focus on ROI, these folks are aiming to improve what I call Return on Life — using money to enrich our whole lives, including the world around us.

Guest: Rachel Robasciotti, the Founder and CEO of Adasina Social Capital, an investment and financial activism firm serving as a critical bridge between financial markets and social justice movements.

My Key Takeaways:

  1. Everything is connected. The financial changes you help your clients make can ripple out into the wider world.
  2. Diversity is good for business. Filtering decisions through a wider variety of perspectives will lead your firm to more thoughtful and impactful initiatives.
  3. Take a stand. Live your values in everything you do and you will attract like-minded clients and partners who will help fulfill your greater mission.

Also Learn:

  1. The differences between ESG investing and what Rachel calls “social justice investing.”
  2. Why Rachel believes that “financial impact first, financial returns second” is a false dichotomy that obscures the promise of social justice investing.
  3. How Rachel’s family history and a tragedy in her hometown laid bare the connection between wealth, social justice, and the environment.
  4. The “four interlocking levers” that Rachel and her team are trying to maneuver to create large-scale systemic change.
  5. The criteria that Rachel uses to decide if a company is investible and how sticking to those standards has created better corporate citizens.
  6. The three tools that Rachel’s team uses to spread their message and mobilize activist investors.
  7. Why Rachel says that “tension is the spark of life” that will ultimately pull us towards solutions to our biggest problems.

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Resources Featured In This Episode

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