In a Nutshell: Your business will only grow as fast as you grow personally. To realize our full potential, we have to be willing to confront the fears that are boxing us into a limited reality and expand our conception of what’s truly possible.

Guest: Victoria Song, Leadership Advisor to successful founders and CEOs of the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley and celebrities with power, platform, and influence. Victoria and I discuss her new book, Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable.


My Key Takeaways:

  1. Leave your comfort zone. If you don’t test your limits, you’ll always be limited.
  2. “There are few pure business problems.”  But there are many personal thought patterns and approaches to problem solving that can hamper our performance in the workplace.
  3. Learn to unlearn. Many of our beliefs about what’s possible have been learned or inherited. Unlearning those beliefs can open up a wider range of possibilities.

Also Learn:

  1. What prevents most people from being or achieving everything they’re capable of.
  2. How to control your emotions so that they don’t control you.
  3. Why contentment is more likely to lead to plateaus than growth.

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Victoria Song