What is the cornerstone of your financial planning process?

Solid money management is table stakes, not a differentiator. What really stands out is when you help clients be thoughtful about “what’s the money for” and then align their money to support the life they want to live and be in harmony with their values. Advisors who learn how to help clients make those connections will be providing a valuable service that creates clients for life.

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Guest: Natalie Taylor, a Certified Financial Planner™ and Behavioral Financial Advisor™.


Natalie and I discuss:

  • Money memories and professional experiences at larger firms that shaped Natalie’s approach to financial planning.
  • Helping clients align their finances with their values using a rigorous values clarification process.
  • Her step-by-step process from initial prospect meeting to their first 12 months as a new client.
  • Improving financial decision-making and client behavior with better questions and conversations.
  • Getting the highest client impact with the least amount of data, time, and cost.
  • How Natalie keeps values conversations alive as she works with clients over time.
  • What technology can and cannot do relative to human financial advisors.
  • Showing clients how to be the hero in their story.


Download Natalie’s toolkit Values Matter: Define Your Values to Find Contentment

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