Guest: Devin Martin, a transformation coach who specializes in helping individuals navigate major life and career transitions.

In a Nutshell: Devin discusses his transformative journey from corporate success to a year of solitude on a mountain, his insights into personal growth, and his approach to transformational coaching. The episode explores themes of crisis management, the importance of mindfulness, and the transformative power of self-discovery.

Devin Martin and I discuss:

  • The life-changing decisions that led Devin to leave his corporate job and seek solitude.
  • How physical isolation helped him reconnect with his inner self and redefine his life goals.
  • The impact of meditation and self-reflection on his personal and professional life.
  • Strategies for dealing with profound personal and career crises.
  • Devin’s approach to coaching individuals through their own transformative journeys.
  • The concept of emotional diversification as a crucial factor in achieving a balanced life.
  • The importance of resilience and adaptability in personal growth and success.
  • How Devin’s experiences have shaped his methods and philosophies in coaching.

Devin Martin Quotes:

Pushing Away Discontentment:
“When I don’t know what the big ‘Yes’ is, I just start pushing things away that aren’t working and seeing what’s left.”

Attracting Through Self-Sufficiency:
“When you truly feel like, ‘You know what, I don’t even need a partner. I can be happy single.’ That is the moment when your partner shows up because now you’re just attractive.”

Enough Sparks Contribution:
“The moment you feel like you have enough, which doesn’t take that much, usually, it really is physiological. You start to feel like you want to contribute. You start to feel like, ‘Yeah, my cup is overflowing. I have enough energy. I want to create something. Or I want to be a part of something. Or I want to help somebody else in need.’ And then it becomes a virtuous cycle. And what you’re giving away fills you up in return.”

Finding Your Flow State:
“Being in the zone, for most people, happens when you do something, which is putting yourself at your limits. Standing on stage and giving a presentation in front of people you really care about impressing, being in the middle of the ocean where a wave can crush you in any moment, or climbing ice where it could just all fall out at any second. And so that forces you to be present and focused and it can put you into a flow state and that’s great. But what you have to realize is that you can live your entire life in a similar state. And so if you can learn how to be incredibly focused and present with zero stimulation, with zero danger, and with nothing at stake, well now you can apply that anywhere. Now you can sweep the floor and be in a flow state. You can have sex and be in a flow state. You can do your taxes and be in a flow state.”

Psychedelics Expand Possibilities:
“Psychedelics is like fresh powder falling. All of a sudden you can go any way you want. And so it is opening up new neural pathways and new options.”

Happiness Through Simplicity:
“The greatest revelation in meditation is that happiness is not what you get when you add things to your life. It’s when you strip away all the distractions that are actually just present in the moment. It is the base layer. It is fundamentally what you already are is happy.”

Redefining Wealth:
“No matter how rich somebody gets, the most elusive thing might be slowness, and I’m finding that, to me, over the past handful of years, the way I’m defining wealth is starting to be more about feeling like my life is spacious, and I can take my time, and I can be present with simple things.”

Questioning the Sprint:
“The busier you are, the more value you’ll get out of slowing down and introspecting. I think a lot of people are sprinting full speed in one direction without really questioning where they want to end up and not realizing that they may be getting farther away, not closer, the faster they go.”

Unity and Community:
“If you go to the deepest level, there’s no distinction between self and other. You don’t want to rape, pillage, and plunder. You don’t want to leave everyone around you feeling like they got ripped off. What you actually want is for everyone to be looking at you and being like, ‘Oh, he’s such a good guy. He treats me so well. We take care of each other. It feels like we’re a community.'”

Abundance Through Giving:
“There’s something about letting the money flow away from you too that increases that flow. And it just does. It’s like water in your environment and it becomes a richer environment that you can harvest more crops from.”