You don’t reach the summit of 14,000 foot mountains more than 150 times without learning a few things along the way about life, health, and adventure.

In today’s adventure episode, I talk to financial pros Skip Schweiss and Scott MacKillop. Between them, they’ve climbed mountains all over the world and lived a life of adventure while building thriving careers as executives in financial services.

I’ve had the pleasure of joining them on several trips and can attest to their skill and wisdom, but more importantly, to their sense of team and community. They’ll be the first people on the mountain to help someone in distress and they pack “extras” just in case someone besides themselves needs help (and I know because I was on the receiving end of their help!).

Skip, Scott and I discuss:

  • How they caught the mountain climbing bug.
  • What drives them to do these big adventures that require tons of training and effort.
  • Their training and diet and how it has changed as they’ve grown older.
  • How meticulous they are in their prep for a big mountain climbing adventure in terms of gear, food, and preparing for things that could go wrong.
  • Their mindset as they engage in these adventures that have a significant element of risk to them.
  • Some of the most difficult situations they faced in the mountains and how they dealt with them.
  • Interesting situations they encountered along the way.
  • A few lessons they’ve learned from their life of adventuring and how they apply them to business and life.


Here’s my podcast on the ill-fated 2016 Mt. Shasta climb with Scott, Skip, and a cast of characters from Skip and Chip Excellent Adventure 5.0.

A team picture halfway up Mt. Shasta on our return trip to the mountain in 2017 to pursue some unfinished business.

L-R: Scott MacKillop, Chip Roame, Skip Schweiss, Clark Barber, Deus Haraja, Steve Sanduski


Write up by Eric Clarke on Steve, Scott, Skip, and a large of crew of adventurers hiking Aspen’s 28-mile Four Pass Loop. Read at RIABiz.

Scott MacKillop on LinkedIn

Skip Schweiss on LinkedIn