Steve’s 15 Hidden Gem Podcast Episodes

This week I’m digging a little deeper into my podcast archives to share 15 of my personal favorites that you may have missed.

Take a look and add a few to your playlist that look intriguing to you. Let me know what insights resonate with you by sending me an email here.

And here are two other lists that you might find valuable.

My Top 10 Podcasts Of 2019

My Top 20 Podcasts Of All Time


Joe Duran On Raising Billions In AUM, Spotting Trends, And The Future Of Advice

joe duranBuilding one multi-billion dollar firm is hard enough. Joe Duran has done it twice. We had an insightful conversation about how he did it and what he sees for the future of financial advisors and for the advice they deliver. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



How Ric Edelman Plans To Grow To $150 Billion In AUM, 300,000 Clients, And 1,250 Financial Advisors In 10 Years

Ric EdelmanWhen I asked Ric what the next 10 years looks like, he said, “10X. Add a zero to everything.” He talks about this concept of exponential growth and how that impacts the way you should be planning for clients. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Forbes’ #1 Woman Wealth Advisor Rebecca Rothstein On How Curiosity And Tenacity Got Her To The Top

rebecca rothsteinWhat do you need to be a successful financial advisor? An Ivy League degree in finance? A family practice that you can inherit? A group of wealthy connections that you can network? An “in” at one of the major firms? Well, Rebecca Rothstein doesn’t check off any of those boxes, and she’s currently managing over $4.5 billion in AUM. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Tony Robbins On Investing, RIAs, And Being A Great Business Owner

tony robbinsTony reveals a treasure trove of actionable insights and behind the scenes stories that will benefit you for years to come. He also tells a touching story that occurred in his early twenties and changed the course of his life forever. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Marty Bicknell On Running Businesses, Acquisitions, And Separating Advice From Sales

marty bicknellMarty Bicknell of Mariner Holdings went from $0 to more than $30 billion in AUM in less than 9 years through acquisitions, organic growth, and good timing. Of course, there’s more to it than that and in this episode, Marty adds texture to one of the most exciting growth stories in the financial services industry. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Elliot Weissbluth On Building $30 Billion RIA HighTower

elliot weissbluthElliot Weissbluth started RIA firm HighTower by asking, “If we had a blank piece of paper and a blank slate and I started with my mom as the client, what would she expect from a thoughtful financial advisor?” From that question, Elliot worked backward and built a business that has grown from $0 to $30 billion in assets in less than 10 years.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



David Canter On Becoming A Marketing Machine

david canterDavid Canter, EVP, Practice Management and Consulting, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, leads an ace team that has been consulting with RIAs and researching how they can elevate their performance for years. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



The Inside Story On The Founding Of Betterment With Jon Stein

jon steinJon Stein, Co-Founder and CEO of Betterment, explains how he co-founded the company and built it into one of the fastest growing and most innovative investment firms in the country. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



How Barron’s Top Advisors Stay At The Top With Sterling Shea

sterling shea Rather than thinking they’re in the “financial services” business, many top advisors view themselves as being in the “hospitality” business. Sterling and I had a fascinating riff on the idea of hospitality as differentiated from simply providing “excellent service.” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



#1 Independent Advisor Steve Lockshin On His Unusual Path To Success

steve lockshinSteve is the “Uncola” of the financial industry. He reached the pinnacle of the industry by being different while always keeping a laser focus on transparency and honesty. His insights are quite refreshing and contain actionable items you can implement today to raise your game. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Two Top Editors Share How To Get The Media’s Attention With Jim Pavia And Fred Gabriel

Top editors and all-around media experts Jim Pavia and Fred Gabriel discuss the mechanics of how to show up in the middle of a media outlet’s audience and share your voice, your opinion, and your insights to a large group of ideal prospects who are hungry for your wisdom. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Fintech Pioneer Discusses The Present And Future State Of Being A Successful Financial Advisor With Jud Bergman

jud bergmanAfter his tragic passing, I wanted to share this insightful episode with Jud Bergman, the founder of Envestnet. Jud has been at the nexus of every major trend happening in the financial services industry for the past 15 years. As a serial acquirer, Jud and his team have built an industry behemoth.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



How To Organically Grow A Multi-Billion $ RIA With Scott Hanson

Scott HansonMany of the large RIAs you read about got there because they acquired firms or they were part of a banking, accounting, or law firm that fed them a large number of clients. Scott Hanson of Hanson McClain, built the firm with his partner Pat McClain the old-fashioned way–one client at a time. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



Seth Streeter On His Evolution From Managing Money To Redefining Wealth For Himself, Clients, And Staff

seth streeterRIA leader Seth Streeter explains how his firm not only delivers a first-class planning experience, but also helps their top clients “redefine wealth” and develop their “inspired life purpose.”  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



How To “Steal The Show” In All The Performances In Your Life With Michael Port

michael portMichael Port is a New York Times best-selling author, professional speaker, and former TV and movie actor. Michael wrote a book titled, Steal the Show, where he talks about how to apply the methods of top actors to, “connect with, inspire, and persuade any audience.” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN




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