My Top 20 Podcasts of All Time

Looking at my most downloaded podcasts EVER, I am so grateful for the amazing people who shared their wisdom on my podcast. And it’s clear, you love hearing the best in our business share what’s working, what’s not working, where our business is headed, and how we can prepare ourselves for the next decade in finance.

I encourage you to scan the list first, then go back and add five of them to your playlist. Pick the five that you think contain the insights you most need to hear at this stage of your business.

Let me know your favorites by sending me an email here.

1. Top Advisor Erin Botsford On Building Her Seven Figure Firm

erin botsford

Erin is the founder and former CEO of the Botsford Financial Group, which is now part of Merit Financial Group. She has appeared on Barron’s list of the Top 100 Women Financial Advisors and Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors multiple times. Erin discusses her compelling story, the personal and financial lessons she took away from her adversities, and how she built her own seven figure firm from scratch. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

2. Stephanie Sammons On Starting A New RIA With 20 Years Of Experience To Draw On

Stephanie Sammons

Talk about a multi-hyphenate: Stephanie Sammons is the Founder and CEO of SammonsWealth, a best-selling author, a Certified Financial Planner, a speaker, a business coach … and a singer-songwriter! And for good measure, her 20+ years of financial advisory experience also includes successful runs at Merrill Lynch and UBS. Stephanie explains how she drew on her wide variety of experience to go independent, and create a new RIA with a personalized approach. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

3. Savant Capital’s Brent Brodeski On Going From $0 To $5 Billion In AUM

Brent Brodeski

Brent Brodeski discussed lessons learned from diagnosing his clients’ problems and devising the best cures for their finances on his way to expanding Savant Capital Management to nearly $5 billion in assets under management and 13 offices throughout the Midwest. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



4. Here’s How Multibillion-Dollar RIA Firm Advice Period Is Reinventing Wealth Management With Larry Miles

larry miles

By rethinking every aspect of how to price and deliver wealth management, AdvicePeriod has gone from a startup just a few years ago, to more than $6 billion in assets under advisement. We went under the hood with Principal and shareholder Larry Miles to learn exactly how they did it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

5. How To Have “Better Conversations” With Ben Jones

ben jones

I talked with Ben Jones, Managing Director of Intermediary Distribution for BMO Global Asset Management and host of BMO’s excellent Better Conversations Podcast, about how financial advisors can engage in better conversations that lead to better outcomes for your clients. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

6. How To Be A Real Leader That Gets Results With Michael Nathanson

michael nathanson

Michael Nathanson is the chairman, CEO, and president of the Colony Group, a wealth management firm with several billion dollars in assets under management and with offices across the United States. But Michael thinks his most important title is one that isn’t listed on his business card: Chief Inspiration Officer. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

7. Former United Capital CMO Gail Graham On Today’s Best Marketing Strategies

gail graham

Gail Graham is one of those rare people who have worked in the top echelon of two major companies–Fidelity Investments and United Capital. Today, Gail is the founder of Graham Strategy, and works with companies to figure out where the gaps are between their strategy and how they’re running their company. We discussed the evolution of advisor marketing and how to fill the gaps in your marketing, content, and advisory strategies to grow your business. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

8. 15 Non-Obvious Trends That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage With Rohit Bhargava

rohit bhargava

Rohit Bhargava publishes a yearly book called Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas and Predict the Future. We discussed some of the non-obvious accelerating trends he sees happening and how to apply those trends to the work financial advisors do. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

9. How To Identify The Wealth-Building Habits Of The New “Millionaires Next Door” With Sarah Fallaw

sarah fallaw

The science of wealth is in Sarah Fallaw’s DNA. Her father, the late Dr. Thomas Stanley, literally wrote THE book on how and why affluent people accumulate wealth, “The Millionaire Next Door” (1996). Today, Sarah is using her doctorate in applied psychology to create analytics and metrics that carry on Dr. Stanley’s study of wealth-building habits at the company she founded, DataPoints. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

10. How RIAs Can Stay Independent And Grow Their Businesses With Shirl Penney

shirl penney

Dyanasty Financial Partners is one of the companies that’s providing RIAs with a modern platform to differentiate and grow. Dynasty’s founder, Shirl Penney, discussed the core services that RIAs have to provide their clients to remain independent, and how a company like Dynasty can help. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

11. How To Answer A Prospect’s “Why Should I Choose You?” Question With Ian Chamandy

Ian Chamandy

Ian Chamandy is the co-author of the incredible book, Why Should I Choose You? He joined the podcast for a fascinating look at how to answer that question in, get this, seven words or less. In fact, Ian says this is the most important question in business because answering it will shape every area of your business, not just sales and marketing. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

12. The 4 Words That Describe The Value Financial Advisors Deliver With Doug Lennick

Doug Lennick, the co-founder of Think2Perform and former EVP of Advice and Retail Distribution for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial), shared four words that he believes underlie the real value financial advisors deliver. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

13. “7 Mindsets” To Accelerate Your Firm’s Growth With Sten Morgan

sten morgan

Sten Morgan was named one of the “40 Under 40” by Investment News, and his book, 7 Mindsets of Success, challenges entrepreneurs to change their mindsets, and see their businesses, and the world, differently. Sten explained how the mindsets that he had been developing from a young age allowed him to go from making nothing, to running a successful RIA firm in three short years. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

14. Caterpillar Exec On Leadership Lessons And Staying Strong Against Tough Odds With Ed Rapp

ed rapp

If you don’t plan your personal life with the same rigor and discipline you do your professional life, your personal life will suffer, says Ed Rapp. As a Group President and former CFO for Caterpillar, Inc. during the financial crisis, Ed was a high-level, globe-trotting senior executive who never forgot the importance of keeping family front and center. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

15. Move Over Digital Advisor, People Really Want More Human And Analog Experiences With David Sax

david sax

Author David Sax discussed how digital advisor and analog technologies can both complement and disrupt one another, and how striking the right balance between digital and analog experiences is key to your future success as a financial advisor. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

16. 5 Steps To Raising $90 Million In New AUM A Year Through Seminars With Bill Keen

bill keen

Bill’s firm, Keen Wealth, has almost half a billion dollars in AUM, and seminars have been pivotal to Bill’s success. On this episode, Bill details the 5-step process he used to perfect his seminars. Yes, there’s more to it than just slapping together a good PowerPoint. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

17. The Surprising Marketing Strategies That Are Crushing It For Financial Advisors With Abby Salameh

abby salameh

Abby Salameh is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Private Advisor Group, a RIA with 620 advisors overseeing $27 billion in AUM. Her sterling career as a RIA marketing expert has included stops at Sanford Bernstein, TD Waterhouse, and the Fusion Advisor Network. She was also a founding member of the team that launched Investment News. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

18. Tony Robbins And Peter Mallouk Join Forces, Create Formidable RIA


Tony and Peter explained how they came together and what they hope to accomplish (since disbanded). We also talk politics, the fiduciary standard, why advisors need to be a practical psychologist, the disastrous 401(k) industry, how Mallouk grew his firm from about $50 million in AUM to roughly $18 billion today, and the Showtime series Billions. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

19. Pricing Your Services To Line Up With The Value You Deliver With Matthew Jackson

matthew jackson

Matthew Jackson is a former director in the financial services division of the pricing consultancy firm Simon Kucher & Partners. He specializes in the area of the psychology of value communication and digital presentment. He also has a Master of Arts degree in classics from Oxford University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. We discussed eight different pricing models and how to determine which one is right for you and your clients. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

20. Using The “Client Experience” To Generate $3 Billion In Organic Growth With Michael Chasnoff

michael chasnoff

Michael grew Truepoint Wealth Counsel, his fee-only wealth management firm, to $3 billion in AUM and 750 households—without any mergers or acquisitions. Do the math and that averages out to about $4 million in assets per client, all of them acquired organically. Michael told me that growth was a result of his company’s client experience, knowing its culture, its niche, and what its clients value. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


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