STEVE LOCKSHIN, A SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR, FOUNDER OF ADVICEPERIOD, AND CHAIRMAN OF CONVERGENT WEALTH ADVISORS is the Uncola of the financial industry. He reached the pinnacle of the industry by being different while always keeping a laser focus on transparency and honesty. His insights are quite refreshing and contain actionable items you can implement today to raise your game.

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Steve Lockshin

– Named the #1 Independent Financial Advisor in the U.S. in 2011 by Barron’s Magazine.

– Helped pioneer the independent advisory industry when he founded what eventually became Convergent Wealth Advisors.

– Founded what is now known as Fortigent, LLC, a leading provider of outsourced wealth management solutions with more than $75 billion in assets on its platform.

– Author of Get Wise to Your Advisor, which memorializes his concerns about conflicts of interest in the financial industry.

– An accomplished pilot who graduated from his private pilot certificate to piloting corporate jets in less than three years.

Show Notes

– Unlike almost all other financial advisors, Steve says, “I don’t socialize with my clients. I don’t play golf with my clients. I don’t take them to basketball games. I don’t send them a lot of gifts.” Learn why that works for him.

– When it comes to service, Steve says, “It means getting back to clients quickly, coming up with answers that others may not have come up with, running things down until we’re certain of the answer, and never being afraid of saying ‘I don’t know but I’ll find out.’” Honesty is refreshing!

– When Steve finds that he’s stuck, or he doesn’t have enough activity in the pipeline, or things just aren’t going the way he wants, he always does two things to get back on track. One is he always goes back to the fundamentals. Listen to the show as he explains the second one.

– Steve says, “If you can say to a high-net worth prospect, ‘this is what I stand for, this is how I’m different, this is how I’m going to add value that’s different from the other guys,’ that will dramatically increase your close rate because they’re tired of hearing the same story.” How are you different?

– Recently, Steve brought on a couple new $100 million clients and he never even met them in person! It was done over the phone and online. When I pressed him, he explained exactly how they became clients.

– How does Steve get so much done? He’s a complete tech geek, he’s almost totally paperless, and he’s a big list guy. And surprisingly, he does one other thing that most productivity experts would say is exactly the opposite of best practices. And here’s a hint, it starts with a “t” and rhymes with “mirage.”

– Steve shared how he used Linkedin to connect with an entrepreneur and it led to his biggest venture capital investment ever—and it’s been a huge home run for him.

– Steve’s firm has no account minimum. He explains the key to making a no account minimum business work and gives specific examples of firms who are succeeding with either no or very low account minimums.

– Want to know how to explain the value you deliver for the fee you charge? Steve shares what he says.

– When I asked Steve what’s the one sentence he wanted to be remembered by after he’s dead, he had a very clear and short answer. “He did the right thing.”


– Get Wise to Your Advisor (book)

– Slideshare on Get Wise to Your Advisor (presentation)

– Choosing an Advisor (a self-help guide to choosing the right advisor for you, supplement to the Get Wise to Your Advisor book)

– Answer key to Choosing an Advisor self-help guide

– Slack (a platform for team communication)

– Wealtbox (CRM for financial advisors)

– Evernote (write, collect, find, and present, all from one workspace)

– Values Clarification Toolkit Click here to download this FREE tool and start living your values.


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