Shockingly, you might be able to generate more alpha for your clients by helping manage their career than you can from investing or financial planning.

Today’s guest, Michael Haubrich, CFP®, created the concept of “career asset management” as a way to help add additional value to his clients using an asset that is typically neglected by financial advisors.

The idea is by helping clients manage their career and earning potential, you can not only help them earn more money, but you can also help them find greater career satisfaction and guide them through a more rewarding retirement.

How do your price this?

Michael has an innovative way to price his services. Instead of a traditional AUM model, he prices his services as follows.

  • A base fee of $1,200
  • A fee of 0.5% of total net worth
  • A fee of 1.0% of adjusted normalized gross income
  • The fee is fixed for 2 years then revised based on the above formula

Notice how this removes the volatility and to some extent, the conflict of interest in the AUM model. By basing it on income and net worth, you remove most of the volatility from the AUM model. And by locking it in for 2 years, you smooth out fluctuations. Also, paying off a mortgage using investment dollars no longer means a hit to your income under this model.

What do you think of this pricing model?


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