Dennis Morton, Jr. CFP,® CHFC® is a Founder and Principal at Morton Brown Family Wealth in Allentown, PA. I’ve known Dennis for several years and he and his co-founder and business partner, Kathryn Brown, have built a really outstanding firm.

He also hosts one of my favorite podcasts, “Leading with Purpose.” Dennis was kind enough to let me share this outstanding episode on developing versatile leadership. Joining Dennis for this conversation about leadership, blind spots, and adaptability are Craig Reynolds, former CEO of Cigars International and current Senior Advisor to Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and his Executive Coach, Eleanor Lawrence of Human Dynamics, LLC and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Some of the topics Dennis and his guests discuss include:

  • Defining and building a leadership culture within your organization.
  • How to use assessments to identify your own leadership tendencies and adapt to different situations.
  • The value of empowering senior management to present ideas that might challenge the old ways of doing business.
  • Spotting the differences between experts and high-potential people.
  • How to challenge your team leaders to move beyond just managing their departments to actually running the business.

Thank you, Dennis, for letting me share this episode with my audience.

Also be sure to check out my podcast with Dennis and his partner Kathryn Brown where we talk about how they grew their firm from $0 to over $100 million in AUM in just 12 months. CLICK HERE