In a Nutshell: Computers are for number crunching. When it comes to managing people, leaders have to nurture the qualitative if they want to drive quantitative results.

Guest: Walter Booker, the Chief Operating Officer of MarketCounsel, the premier business and regulatory consulting firm focused exclusively on the RIA sector, along with its affiliate, The Hamburger Law Firm.

My Key Takeaway: To take a holistic approach to managing your team:

  1. Focus on the “soft stuff.” Teaching your people how to manage portfolios is easy. Helping them grow as people so that they can be more effective advisors is how you create real value for your firm.
  2. Let your people be who they are. Covid-19 and WFH are changing the boundaries between our professional and personal selves. Make sure your employees know you embrace both.
  3. Treat your team the same way you treat your clients. Caring that goes beyond the numbers will trickle down through the rest of your organization and across your whole client base.

Also Learn:

  1. Why “who” your team members are matters more than “what” they are.
  2. How to apply the same process of discovery and values-matching to potential hires that you use with potential clients.
  3. How improving your cultural fluency and embracing diversity can lead you to a talent goldmine.
  4. What Walter Booker learned about teamwork and diversity from working on his own “Island of Misfit Toys.”

Complementary Episode: Walter Booker says he enjoyed my recent conversation with Cecile Munoz, where we talked more about effective leadership strategies for this rapidly changing world. Listen/read here.

Resources Featured In This Episode

“Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment” by George Leonard Walter and I are both big fans of this book on how we can keep honing our craft and get a little bit better every day.

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