Guest: Dr. Preston Cherry, AFC®, CFT-I™, CFP®, Ph.D., the Founder and President of Concurrent Financial Planning, a comprehensive financial planning firm serving households and business owners across generations. Dr. Cherry is also Head of the Financial Planning Program and Director of the Charles Schwab Center for Personal Financial Planning at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. On top of that, he’s a co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Practice Intel.

In a Nutshell: There’s a significant disconnect in our industry between what folks say they want from an advisor and what advisors are actually delivering. To close that gap, advisors may need to start quantifying their relationships to clients so that they can track, measure, and manage more than just return on investment.

On today’s show, Dr. Preston Cherry returns to discuss Practice Intel’s “Relationship Quality Index” and how he’s helping the next generation of advisors prepare to deliver comprehensive planning.


.Dr. Preston Cherry and I discuss:

  • Defining and managing your Relationship Quality Index.
  • The biggest financial worry that keeps Preston up at night.
  • How to systemize an ideal client experience that’s comprehensive, effective, meaningful, and measurable.
  • Meeting clients where they are and delivering the advice they need at that specific moment in life.
  • How to build trust and rapport so that you can steer clients towards better outcomes.
  • Are we in a “bull market” for advice? For advisors?
  • What Preston’s work as a professor and as an advisor is teaching him about the next generation of advisors and advice.

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