In a Nutshell: These 15 insights from the first season of Barron’s The Way Forward – Actionable Intelligence are designed to deliver clear, actionable ideas that you can implement in the year ahead. And be sure you listen to the end, where I share two decision-making frameworks I often use in coaching financial advisors to help them refine their business strategies.

As I began to work on this episode, I quickly decided that it made sense to categorize my insights into these four categories:

  1. Elevating Your Performance
  2. Business Strategy & Execution
  3. Planning and Investing
  4. Client Communication

As you listen to the show, take notes then identify no more than three insights that you’ll commit to implementing this year. One of these insights could be the difference between a good year, and a great one. 

You’ll Learn:

  1. How to harness pressure to your advantage with Dane Jensen.
  2. What role talent plays in your success with 4-time Olympian Lauryn Williams.
  3. How to bend reality with Victoria Song.
  4. Why it’s important to “Get off the ‘X'” with former Navy SEAL David Sears.
  5. Why you should coach the person, not the position, with Valorie Kondos Field.
  6. How to leverage the path of least resistance to building your business with Robert Fritz.
  7. How to work backwards to move your business forward with Bill Carr.
  8. How to zoom out/zoom in and build a business strategy that wins now and in the future with John Hagel.
  9. How financial planning will change as people routinely live to 100 with Professor Andrew Scott.
  10. Why Modern Monetary Theory should not be dismissed with Professor Stephanie Kelton.
  11. What mimetic desire is and how it could be hurting you and your clients’ performance with Demetri Kofinas.
  12. How to become a better storyteller with Annette Simmons.
  13. How to separate harmful and useful delusions with Shankar Vedantam.
  14. How to improvise your way to success with Kelly Leonard.
  15. How to prepare and perfect your persuasive presentation with Matt Abrahams.

Bonus:  At the end, I share two quotes that helped me make a key career decision and a filtering framework that will make decision-making much easier. You can use these over time as tools to refine your business strategy.

Complementary podcast: Over on my Between Now and Success podcast, I just published my annual My 3 Words podcast — with a twist that I hope will help me use my time more efficiently in 2022. Listen/read here.