In a Nutshell: Bitcoin is for everyone including people who align with progressive values. A growing group of progressives see Bitcoin as a tool for furthering social justice and leveling the economic playing field. Nicole passionately shares why people with progressive values should adopt Bitcoin now to ensure they don’t get left behind as the world financial system moves toward a Bitcoin standard.

Guest: Nicole Dobrow, a prolific Bitcoin writer, social worker, and progressive Bitcoiner who fell down the rabbit hole and now sees Bitcoin as a life raft for people in marginalized communities and the LGBTQ community.

We Discuss:

  • How progressive values can align with Bitcoin.
  • How Bitcoin can help individuals and society transcend labels and misconceptions that could be limiting, especially when it comes to finance.
  • Why so many groups of people feel ostracized from our fiat system and why Nicole believes Bitcoin can be “their life raft.”
  • The features of Bitcoin that can appeal to people — and politicians — across the political spectrum for very different reasons.
  • Why decentralization remains a difficult hurdle for some Bitcoin skeptics to clear, including Nicole’s favorite senator, Elizabeth Warren.
  • How social programs held dear by progressives might fare in a sound money world versus a MMT world.
  • Nicole’s nuanced take on why they are not a “single-issue Bitcoin voter.”

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Resources Featured In This Episode

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