Guest: Tom Morgan, a Director at Sapient Capital, which is a $7 billion advisory firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In a Nutshell: Joseph Campbell famously advised us to “follow your bliss.” But there’s more to becoming the best and happiest version of yourself than doing whatever you want. Campbell is trying to get us to be more open to that little voice, those feelings of restlessness, that push us towards what we can uniquely achieve and give back to the world. In popular culture, answering that call is the foundation for many of our most beloved stories. In our lives, bliss can lead us towards opportunities for personal and professional growth that have been waiting for us all along.

On today’s show, Tom and I discuss the importance of being curious, The Hero’s Journey,  why the world needs more right-hemisphere thinking, and the need for transformation in the world and in financial services.

.Tom Morgan and I discuss:

  • Why Tom describes himself as a “Curiosity Sherpa” and why he believes we need to be more open to messages our curiosity sends us — including about our finances.
  • Finding the right balance between money and meaning.
  • How Campbell’s concept of a “Monomyth” reveals a universal pattern of human transformation that advisors can encourage in clients.
  • Escaping systems and thinking that trap us in stasis and prevent us from following our passions to their highest uses.
  • Carl Jung’s concept of “Synchronicity.”
  • Coaching clients through major life transitions.
  • Using patronage to improve legacy planning.
  • Why Tom believes the world needs more “prophets.”
  • Iain McGilchrist’s The Matter with Things and the importance of right-hemisphere thinking.
  • How a recent climb changed my perspective on one of my (former?) favorite hobbies.

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