Have you heard about the cool new technology all the kids are using to listen to music?

It’s called … a record!

David Sax: It’s not a question of what’s old is new, it’s a question of what works.

After bottoming-out during the CD and mp3 era, and despite the ubiquity of music-streaming services, the sales of vinyl records have grown into a nearly billion-dollar business over the last decade. Photography film has seen a similar boost. Moleskine, an Italian company that makes popular paper notebooks, was just bought by a Belgian conglomerate for half a billion euros.

The resurgence of analog products in our digital advisor world has profound implications for both consumers and businesses, which author David Sax details in his new book, “The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter.”

As financial advisors get caught up in trying to “digital advisor everything,” it’s important to remember that there are many times when human to human contact is the best strategy to please the client and deliver the best client experience.

On today’s podcast, David and I discuss how digital advisor and analog technologies can both complement and disrupt one another, and how striking the right balance between digital and analog experiences is key to your future success as a financial advisor.


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