In a Nutshell: Satoshi Nakomoto is possibly the greatest philosopher of the modern era. The stitching together of the various threads that comprise Bitcoin reflect a deep understanding of math, psychology, human nature, politics, coding, and money. Troy and I discuss philosophical angles related to Bitcoin including what Plato and Aristotle would have thought of Bitcoin, how to influence skeptics of Bitcoin, a new proposal to incentivize green mining, and why Troy does not regret paying 5 bitcoin for a pair of Alpaca socks.

Guest: Troy Cross, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College and a self-described “Philosopher, Environmentalist, and Bitcoiner.”

We Discuss:

  • Troy’s early foray into Bitcoin mining in 2011 and why he stopped.
  • What he learned, in hindsight, in letting millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin slip through his hands by spending it in 2011 – 2013 instead of hodling.
  • What Plato and Aristotle may have thought about Bitcoin based on their philosophy.
  • What a severe bike accident taught Troy about good pain/bad pain and how that applies to people who view Bitcoin as a way out of a painful system.
  • Troy and Andrew Bailey’s proposal to green Bitcoin mining.
  • What Jesus has to do with Bitcoin and the importance of storytelling as a means to influence people to become Bitcoin advocates.
  • Why Donald Trump might flip to being pro Bitcoin and why Elizabeth Warren probably won’t.

Resources Featured In This Episode

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