In a Nutshell: This was a thoughtful, introspective, and heartfelt conversation with Mark Stephany. As a doctor, he’s been on the frontlines of the culture war that’s flamed up around Covid and vaccines. As the son of a priest and a nun, he’s explored and questioned the meaning of religion and the power of myths and metaphors. As a person concerned about the direction of society, he’s explored racial and social justice issues. And as a curious person, he’s deeply explored Bitcoin and how it can be a force for good.

In our conversation, we explore these big issues and discuss connections to Bitcoin. For example, many of the current Twitter wars about whether Bitcoin is — or should be — progressive are missing the point. The ultimate promise of Bitcoin isn’t a particular political ideology, it’s sovereignty for the individual user. A progressive might use that sovereignty to help marginalized communities facing unjust barriers to our current financial system. A conservative might see sovereignty as a means of separating their finances from the control of the state. And people in other countries might define sovereignty as building and transporting wealth outside the reach of oppressive regimes. Bitcoin can actualize beliefs that are important to us and help us gain a better understanding of what’s important to others.

Guest: Mark Stephany, doctor, entrepreneur, and host of The Progressive Bitcoiner podcast.


We discuss:

  • Is Bitcoin incompatible with traditional progressive politics?
  • How religion, race, and money intersect.
  • Why Bitcoin has the potential to be a force for peace rather than a force for division.
  • How Bitcoin is connecting, and in some cases, replacing or reconfiguring traditional communities.
  • The psychological and cultural impact of memes and NFTs as they affect our identities and our belief systems.
  • Why Bitcoin might have more value and utility to people outside of the United States.
  • The power of curiosity and living in the moment.
  • How personal sovereignty can operate within a society of individuals who still form part of a community.
  • What working with patients who were skeptical about COVID and vaccines taught Mark about belief and persuasion.

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