Guest: Dan Haylett, Director, Head of Growth & Financial Planner at TFP Financial Planning in Essex, England.

In a Nutshell: My business partner, Mitch Anthony, calls it “Life-Centered Financial Planning.” Dan Haylett’s firm uses the term “human-focused financial planning.” However you describe the process, the fundamentals are the same: a growing movement of financial advisors putting people first and prioritizing the relationships they build with their clients over time. On today’s show, Dan and I discuss what that level of personalized service looks like, how it’s priced, and how he’s built a team to support every client on their journey to retirement.


.Dan Haylett and I discuss:

  • How potential clients often start by signing up for his free 7 Step RetirementGPS Toolkit. It includes a mix of scorecards, workbooks, worksheets, checklists, guides, and videos that help clients think about their life after work.
  • The Wealth GPS Workbook that Dan’s team uses to start each new client relationship and what a typical Financial Planning Proposal looks like.
  • Why he records potential new client conversations and how he uses the recording in shaping his financial planning proposal.
  • Dan’s personal transition from big financial firms, through some tough mental health issues, to the inspiring work he’s doing today.
  • How to center financial planning around the person and their family.
  • Why the labels advisors use for their services matter and how to redefine your value proposition to appeal to your ideal audience.
  • How Dan and his team intentionally narrowed their focus and built out their marketing, online presence, and best practices around that process.
  • Why Dan wants to work with “aspirational couples.”
  • How Dan thinks about the value his fee model provides compared to what another advisor might charge as a percentage of AUM.
  • Dan’s picks for the five best British rock bands of all time — including some shocking omissions! How could you not include The Beatles, Dan!

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