In a Nutshell: People tend to get triggered when you talk about the politics of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a technology but it is also a political protest statement in the sense that it is separating money from state and it gives you the option to opt-out. Whether you are left, right, center, up, down, sideways, progressive, libertarian, non-labeled, or Trumpian, almost everyone who coalesces around Bitcoin agrees that monetary policy left in the hands of a few unelected bureaucrats is, and has been shown to be, a relative disaster. But when you go beyond that, look out, it becomes a politics of Bitcoin food fight (at least on Twitter!).

Recently, the political power of Bitcoiners has come into focus and one of the people leading the charge is Dennis Porter.

Guest: Dennis Porter, host of Smart People Sh*T, a podcast focused on exploring bitcoin as a technology and as a tool to help reshape society for the good.

In the politics of Bitcoin, we discuss:

  • Is Bitcoin inherently political?
  • The social and political philosophies that might have factored into the creation of Bitcoin.
  • What the “milkshake theory” says about a future where the U.S. dollar and Bitcoin coexist.
  • How a renewed focus on states’ rights could lead to competition that’s healthy for Bitcoin and the broader U.S. economy.
  • Why Dennis believes Bitcoin could turn down the temperature in our political debates and, potentially, help the U.S. steer clear of another civil war.
  • How Bitcoin could create both a check on government overreach and a safeguard for individual rights.
  • The ramifications of getting Bitcoin-friendly politicians elected.
  • What Bitcoin “fixes” related to politics.
  • How Bitcoin can hold politicians accountable to their constituents.
  • The nuance of the Bitcoin single issue voter.
  • What a Republican sweep in 2022 and 2024 could mean.

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