Knowing how to choose the right new hire candidate or when to fire a borderline employee isn’t always clear cut. But here’s a sure-fire way to improve your decision-making in the hiring people and firing people arena.

One thing I know for sure about running a business is this—your team is the biggest determinant of how successful your business will be. So that means you must hire the best people and let go the people who are merely placeholders.

If you’re debating whether to hire a particular candidate or to fire a placeholder, then ask yourself this simple question:

Would I want 10 of that type of person on staff?

You will have an immediate reaction to that question.

Try this: Is there anyone on your team right now that you would answer “no” to the “10 of that type of person on my staff” question? If you have a “no” person on the team, then what is that person still doing on your team other than limiting your company’s potential?

Begin now and start asking this simple “10 of that type of person on my staff” question and you’ll significantly improve the quality of your team…and the results of your company.