Insight: Who you are when you start your Bitcoin journey and who you become as you go further and further down the rabbit hole could be two very different people–in a good way. People get attracted to Bitcoin for many different reasons. But one passion that unites many advocates is the belief that Bitcoin is pointing us towards real solutions to longstanding problems such as wealth inequality, inflation, labor inefficiency, and even climate change.

So, what could the future look like if the true believers are right and “Bitcoin fixes this?” Who do we become as we contribute our part to the Bitcoin community?  That’s a major theme of today’s conversation with Christian Keroles, Managing Director of Bitcoin Magazine at BTC Inc.

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3 Quotes from Christian Keroles:

1. Money is a mental operating system for measuring and communicating. So all of us live from one degree or another in the dollar operating system. Even if you’re in Venezuela, you have a really crappy fiat substitute, but ultimately, the world runs on dollars. Your decision-making is influenced by the incentives that are within the dollar system. And I just think Bitcoin is extremely counterintuitive to that because Bitcoin is a new operating system for communicating and measuring value that’s based on transparency in a fixed supply. So it’s really hard for people who have been successful and have thrived or have never thought outside of the dollar operating system to see Bitcoin.

2. The speculation is Bitcoin’s ultimate marketing, so that’s maybe the most shallow thing about it, but it’s the ultimate signal. “This is important. Pay attention to me because the price is just going to the moon.” With that being said, it’s pretty fair to say that Bitcoin is anything but hollow and shallow. Bitcoin is so incredibly deep and it’s tied into so many multidisciplinary aspects of history and society and philosophy, the rabbit hole is almost endless.

3. There will always be the haves and haves nots, but with Bitcoin the have nots have equal and open opportunity to the same wealth preservation and wealth accumulation tools that the wealthy have. That is absolutely not the case today. If you’re wealthy, you can evade taxation. You can evade inflation. You can get into assets with very high price tags and you can get access to very, very low debt. In a Bitcoin world that’s probably not going to exist anymore.


Christian Keroles