Mindy Diamond is the President and CEO of Diamond Consultants in Morristown, NJ. Recently, Mindy invited me to be a guest on her podcast, Mindy Diamond on Independence, and I appreciate her allowing me to share our conversation with you here.

Some of the topics Mindy and I discussed include:

  • Why discipline and focus are two essential traits of a financial advisor, especially an RIA CEO who wants to grow a lasting business.
  • Some of the most common problem areas that the advisors I coach are working through right now.
  • How the best advisors crash through perceived barriers by adjusting their mindsets and matching their dream to their desire.
  • The 5 key areas I believe advisors need to focus on to accelerate their growth.
  • Wisdom from top advisors like Ric Edelman, Joe Duran, Jon Jones, Elliot Weissbluth, and Peter Mallouk that you can adapt to your own business.
  • The ways that the pandemic will continue to affect marketing and messaging as we head into 2021.

Thanks again to Mindy for having me on and for letting me republish this episode.